Our Niche: Video Production for Small Businesses

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Quadrid specializes in emotional marketing through video production for artists, makers, food products and other local businesses passionate about their craft. This article unpacks the second part of our niche: our ideal clients.

Passion Breeds Passion

We’ve worked with a lot of people over the years, big and small. While big budgets and large crews have their perks, we prefer the underdog. There’s something about the passion that these clients bring to the table that energizes us and challenges us to produce our best work. Passion breeds passion.

Built in Audience

Passionate local businesses also work well with the genres of promotional videos that we’re best at (read about our focus on emotional marketing). People who shop local tend to care about where their products and services come from…our videos connect great with this audience because they capture more than just information, but also a business’ essence – which connects with customers, investors and distributors on a deeper emotional level.

Approachable Pricing

We understand that working with passionate local businesses also usually means working within a limited budget, that’s why we’ve structured our whole business around keeping our pricing approachable. Find out how we do this (and see our prices).

Contact us to find out how our focus on local businesses can help your small business.

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