Two Big Changes at Quadrid

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Summer is kicking off with a couple big changes at Quadrid.

Tara Leaving to Pursue Photography Full Time

When Tara became our project manager nearly three years ago, things were quite different. We’ve significantly increased the number of videos we can produce at one time and have become a heck of a lot more efficient thanks in large part to Tara’s contribution. Tara has been wonderful to work with and I am sad to say goodbye, but excited that her photography business has taken off and requires her undivided attention. Congrats Tara and thanks for all you’ve done around here!

New Video Producer – Welcome Colton!

Until now, Quadrid has grown through the help of freelance videographers. This approach has worked out great, but the time has come when more consistent help is needed. Colton Moyer started as a freelancer with us, but is officially now a full-time employee! His skill set closely reflects my own, but brings unique expertise that will be a great asset on future projects (yay for someone who enjoys motion graphics and color grading!). Colton’s official title is “Video Producer” – which means he’ll have his hands in on a good number of our projects moving forward.

Cheers to moving on and new beginnings!

Craig Spinks

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