Why Small Business Videos are Vital to Success

We love creating videos with small businesses who are passionate about what they do. But because a lot of the small artisans and makers we work with are also working with small budgets, we’re often asked why they should hire us to create professional video for them when they can do it themselves.

It’s a good question. Video and audio technology is better than it’s ever been. But producing high quality video shouldn’t be a question of budget, but rather one of value and ROI. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

While we can’t always change budgets, we can address the question of value. We can’t guarantee specific numbers tied to your ROI, but we can guarantee that there’s no better medium than video to get your message across in a genuine and authentic way.

Up Your Game

Quite simply, high quality video (production value, lighting, sound, etc) will help your business up its game.

Like it or not, others think of you differently when you present yourself a certain way. Perception is reality and when potential customers see high quality video from your business, they’ll assume you’re a high value business.

Video is more engaging than any other medium. YouTube is the second-ranked search engine in the world (behind Google).

According to a 2013 Forbes magazine article called, “Why Online Video Is Vital For Your 2013 Content Marketing Objectives,” the benefits of video boil down to four key insights.

  1. Humans are hardwired to believe people when they see their faces.
  2. The sound of a human voice conveys more meaning.
  3. Video creates emotional connections.
  4. Movement creates curiosity.

Hardwired for Faces

Well produced video capture a human essence. It has the ability to be an outsider looking in. Video is about creating beautiful images, but it’s more about conveying personalities.

Consumers are caring more and more about where their products are coming from. They want a connectedness to product. They want to know the people who are making it and the process of how it’s made. They want to be able to say, “Hey, these are people I like.”

Can you get that on your iPhone? Maybe. But it takes a real professional to understand the right shot, length, audio, light, and any number of other things to get that true connection.

The Power of Voice

Consider the power of voice to create connection and convey meaning. It is something that is literally born into us. Scientists have understood for years the power of a mother’s voice on her newborn baby. Our earliest relationships – those that keep us alive when we’re at our most vulnerable – are built on the power of vocal stimuli.

A 2006 article (1) appearing in the Oxford Journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience states, “Vocal affect remains a primary channel of emotion expression during development and throughout our lives, perhaps more so now than ever.”

Emotional Connections

In the early 2000s, fMRI technology began to show us which areas of the brain are enacted when stimuli is provided. This technology allowed us to scientifically prove what marketers have known for a long time – people make decisions with their emotions, rather than their intellect.

Whether most are aware of it or not, people react first with their gut (emotion), to later back up their decisions with logic. It has been scientifically proven time and time again that we provide justifications for our emotional decision making.

Neuroscientist Antonio Demasio states in the preface of his book Descartes’ Error, “Today this idea [that emotion assists the reasoning process] does not cause any raised eyebrows. However, while this idea may not raise any eyebrows today among neuroscientists, I believe it’s still a surprise to the general public.”

While we may continue to believe that we can remove emotion from decision-making, science proves we can’t. Relying on the features of a product or information alone is not enough anymore. Only video can connects on such an emotional level.

Movement Captures Attention

Showing the process of turning chopped up mint leaves into a simple syrup is much more engaging than reading about it. Even the best written recipe can’t capture your attention like a well produced, short video.

When you visually represent the effort, ingredients, and work that goes into something, it presents it in a different light.
Moving visuals not only clearly and concisely communicate information, but they also do it more quickly.

Couple the intrigue of video with the fact that only 50% of people make it through most text on the internet (2) and you’ve got a recipe for getting more eyes on your business.

Final Word on Video

When you consider that “the average user is exposed to an average of 32.2 videos in a month” (3) you begin to understand the power of video as a conversion tool. If your business lacks a web presence, video isn’t going to magically change your business, but it can be helpful.

It provides visitors with a short investment of time and interest when they visit your site or page. If you can get them to press play (thereby catching them at an emotional level), then you’ve got them.

A bigger, more complicated part (maybe we’ll cover it in another post) is getting the right viewers to make your video conversions more effective. Getting seen by the right people is more important than simply being seen.

Stay tuned a post where we’ll dive a little deeper into the key elements for capturing real emotion in your video.

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