Three Promotional Video Genres That Capture What Your Customers Value
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In our last post, we discussed the importance of knowing the specific genres available to you when choosing your promotional video style. That post covered in detail, information-driven genres.

This week, we’ll take a look at the other side of that coin: promo videos with essence.

Tapping In
Neuroscience has proven what marketers have known all along: as humans, we make decisions with our feelings and then back up those decisions with thoughts and reason.

Relying on past experiences, learned knowledge, and a variety of other factors, our brains are subconsciously computing data faster than we can think. It then spits out a result (decision) in the form of an emotional response – a feeling.

If we can create a positive emotional connection, we can inform purchasing decisions on a deeper level.

Where informational videos goes for the head, essence videos aim for the heart.

Essence-Driven Genres

Basic Brand Video

The most recognizable of the essence genres is the basic brand video.

This genre is similar to a basic promo video, but instead of communicating information about a business, a brand video aims to communicate what the business represents. What do they care about? Who do they serve?

You’ve seen brand videos, even if you don’t call them that. There’s often a warm and friendly voiceover. The b-roll is somewhat disconnected from the business’s actual operations and more abstract or conceptual to symbolize the ideas behind the business’s brand.

Brands that have deep understanding of their clients know exactly what they care about, enabling them to fine-tune their messaging.

It’s used so much these days that it’s earned it own parody.

Brand Story Video

People love a good story. They remember them better and connect more deeply, often picturing themselves as a character in the larger narrative.

Knowing this, powerful companies like Apple, Google, HP, and Amazon have crafted stories for themselves that are more fiction than reality. Here’s proof.

But some businesses truly do have a strong story behind their business. And those stories need to be told.

Videos in this genre often borrow techniques from the documentary genre. Common strategies include using archive photos/video and unscripted interviews.

A video that we produced for a local Colorado artist has a strong story component. Watch it below.



Brand Essence Video

Essence is defined as “The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something.” Yet, if you do a search for “brand essence video” you’ll find videos that fit into both the “Basic Brand Video” and “Brand Story” genres mentioned above. It seems that most people use these terms interchangeably.

At Quadrid, we like to tease out the “essence” piece a little more than most. Actually, it forms the foundation of what we do.

When we work with clients on brand essence videos, the first part of our work is to help them identify this intrinsic nature. Often they know what it is, but don’t know how to describe it concisely. So, we’ll work with them to articulate and capture it in a way that’s appealing to their ideal customers.

We like to begin with a couple of key wonders.

  • What is the intrinsic nature of your business?
  • How can that be captured?

How does this play out? For Converge Denver, we produced three 90-second videos that described some of the ins and outs of the coworking space, but between the lines it captures essence.



For Babettes Artisan Breads, we went with more of an interview-driven approach, since the bakery’s owners embody much of the brand’s essence:


Embrace the Emotional
Sometimes the idea behind a product or service is strong enough that basic information is enough to captivate an audience.

But, for businesses whose products/services are more easily understood (i.e. bakery, artist, etc), we suggest you embrace the emotional. What better example than our own business?

At Quadrid, we want to connect with our potential client’s passion for local and sustainable products. That’s why our brand video highlights our own passion for helping artists, makers and local food products.

Here’s us walking the walk…



Next in the Series…
So far we’ve presented genres that are both information-driven and essence-driven.
While thinking in these categories is helpful from a planning perspective, in reality, genres often blend together. There are production and filming techniques that can compliment these hybrid genres to give you the best results.

In the next post, we’ll look at some of these techniques and how they can be helpful to accomplishing your business’s video needs.

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