How a Haircut Can Help You Hire a Video Production Company

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Where do you get your hair cut? I’m guessing your answer to that question depends on how much value you put on the way you look.

Or how much money you think a haircut should be worth.
Or how often you get one.
Or maybe – even – whether you like the person who does it.

Why talk haircuts on a video production blog? Because understanding something as simple as the value of the haircut could be the key to how you’re valuing other services in your life.

Just like haircuts, there are plenty of options out there when you’re looking to hire a video production company for your business. The question comes down to what you value.

So I’ve put together a fun little guide to help you decide – based on your haircut preferences.

I Cut My Own Hair

You might also make your own videos.

There’s nothing wrong with this…perhaps you enjoy it. Or you like to save money. Or both.

I bet the front looks really good, the sides are a little iffy, and the back is a mess. Isn’t it hard to hold the mirror and cut back there?

It’s also difficult to manage your own video project – especially when you’re running all the equipment, learning the software, and looking at it from one angle.

My Wife Cuts My Hair

Let’s just get one thing out of the way right now. No woman is letting her husband cut her hair.

But if you’re a man, and you’re letting your wife do it, one of two things are happening.
You’re smart enough to know she’ll do a better job on the back than you will.
She’s already a stylist.

In either case, you might be comfortable letting a family member make your videos – probably your nephew who has a GoPro and some editing software. This can work out well enough, presuming he’s halfway competent and you’re compensating him fairly (Mountain Dew and Doritos?).

Things can get tricky if you’re not happy with the result…business with family can be tough.

I Go To a Chain Store

These places are fairly reliable. You walk in, you know what you’re getting, and the prices are all pretty much the same.

If this is your style, you might also use online services like Thumbtack or UpWork to find contractors.

Thumbtack (and other services like it) are great for very specific tasks… say videotaping an event or transferring home videos to digital. You know, quick jobs that take a modicum of skills and have fairly consistent delivery. Using these services means you have a task to complete and you’re okay getting what everyone else gets.

If you’re looking for creativity, consultations, or consistency, this probably isn’t your jam.

I Go To My Neighborhood Salon (or Barber)

You clearly value someone else’s skill set and are willing to take a little more time, effort, and money to get it right.

This is where you find professionals who are on a higher level than others. Creativity and consistency will be there, for sure. You need to focus on making sure they’re a good fit. You want to develop some kind of lasting relationship here.

hiring a video production company is kinda like choosing where you get your hair cutI Go To A Fancy Downtown Salon

In this case, you’re looking to hire a large production company.

Sure, you’re going to pay more, but you don’t mind because of the perks and overall experience: the impressive lobbies, the big sound stages, the fancy gear. You know you’re paying for quality services, overhead, and a little extra attention. You know the combination of these things gives a more complete and enjoyable experience. Most of all, there is a defined process, letting you know you’re in the hands of a true professional.

One thing to beware of, though: These perks all can help with overall quality and effectiveness, but they don’t always guarantee it.

My Fashion Consultant Hooked Me Up With Leonardo’s Stylist

Seriously? Do you live in L.A.? Why are you reading this?

Hiring A Video Production Company

Personally, I’m a neighborhood salon kind-of-guy. That’s probably why I own a small video production company.

Quadrid Productions isn’t a big production house, nor is it a home based business. We’re purposely somewhere in the middle. We’re capable of taking on smaller clients who are concerned with budget and we’re capable of working with larger clients who are focused on quality more than cost.It’s a careful tightrope to walk, but it’s one we handle with care, caution, and concern.

If you’re in the market for a smaller video production company, find out what Quadrid can do for you business.
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