How we Came to Work with a Bank

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When you think of Quadrid, you likely don’t think of videos for banks. We’re known for our videos for bakers and sriracha makers, not financial institutions! But every once in awhile, an unlikely partnership passes through our rigid “ideal client” filters.

The Courtship

FirstBank is known in Colorado for how they champion small business. Some of our favorite clients bank with FirstBank, so we thought “Hey, maybe they could be a good client!?”

I wish you could have been a fly on a wall during our first meeting at FirstBank’s corporate headquarters. It felt like a first date. And for some reason I thought it was a good idea to start the relationship off by stating our intentions. We wanted to work with them, but really didn’t want to end up in a bad corporate relationship. So, we said we’d “love to produce videos that highlight their relationships with small businesses”, but “wanted no part if they just wanted to use us for training videos”. And thus, the relationship began.

Going Steady


 A FirstBank video we’re super-proud to have produced.

Our candidness must have made an impression. Shortly after that meeting, FirstBank hired us for our first project, a video highlighting their involvement in Junior Achievement. That was about a year ago and we’ve now completed five projects with FirstBank. Some might say that we’re going steady : )

Our relationship with FirstBank didn’t start off all that different than usual. We are selective with who we work with because we want to ensure that our services are a good fit. Plus, we want projects that energize us. Two years ago that meant focusing on food brands, artists, and makers. Those are all still great fits today, but if you look at today’s actual recent projects, we’re also working on niche projects for a mortgage broker, pet insurance company, a public speaker, and of course, a bank.

Niche for Marketing, Niche to Stay Focused

I’ve written a lot on this blog about the power of having a niche. But I haven’t yet differentiated how we frame our niche differently internally than externally. Externally we say that Quadrid is “video production for passionate local businesses.” As a potential client, we hope this phrase conjures up images of food products, artwork, and other crafted goods. Having a simple niche like this is good for marketing because it differentiates us from the crowd of videographers who say they do everything. Internally though, our niche is much more nuanced. It’s influenced by what we’re good at, what we enjoy doing, what’s sustainable, what’s profitable, what connects with client’s needs, and what has greater purpose. These internal filters aren’t about marketing, they’re about constantly upping our game on the kind of projects that connect our passions with the practicalities of running a business. If we took everything that came our way, we probably wouldn’t enjoy what we do. If we only accepted projects that immediately fit into the passion category, we’d probably not be in business. But there is a beautiful middle space where our nuanced niche allows us to love almost all the projects we work on. And, the business is profitable.

A year and a half ago I wouldn’t have thought that a bank could fit into our niche, but it totally does – and that’s only because we took the time to consider the full extent of our niche and not just the narrow external version of it. A simple black and white niche helps keep us from going crazy juggling 100 variables, but sometimes living in the tension of those 100 variables reveals a hidden gem of a client like FirstBank.

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  • Malina Knable

    Nicely done!

    I really appreciate the fact that there is a bank out there that is interested in start ups, on a more personal level.

    Sure makes me want to switch banks my self.

    • Quadrid

      Do it, you won’t regret it! We actually didn’t start banking with FirstBank until after working with them (changing banks is such a hassle!), but now our personal and business banking is with them and it’s been wonderful!

  • Susan Schafer

    Craig, you inspire me with your vision, commitment to excellence and amazing quality of work! I’ve been a FirstBank customer since moving to Colorado in 1995 and appreciated their concern for customer service in personal banking but now I have a whole new appreciation for their connection to the small business community in our gorgeous state. They picked the right company to showcase that part of their business!

    • Quadrid

      Thanks Susan : )

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