Concrete is exciting.

The word concrete is more likely to cause your eyes to glaze over than evoke excitement as the title of this blog suggests. Concrete is for highways, foundations, and structures to be covered by a more respectable building material. However, that’s not the response you’ll get from the three brothers at M Concrete Studios. They are a part of a concrete renaissance where unexpected objects are beautifully crafted from this ancient material.

As you walk through their studio you’ll notice everything is made of concrete. Countertops, chairs, workspaces, fireplace mantles. Even their ping pong table is made from concrete. You also won’t just find boring grey concrete — they stain it, embed metal flakes and fiber optic cables into it, and create crazy patterns by using multiple slurry coats of different colored concrete.

These guys are crazy creative and incredibly fun. This combination is what made this shoot one of our favorites this past year. Creative and fun are also the unique qualities that we aimed to capture in the video we produced for them. We used upbeat music and fast edits to bring the fun and quickly show the diversity of their work. Towards the end of the video we seal the deal by emphasizing their quality and creativity by showing off some of their best work.

How’d we do?

If you’re in the market for stunning concrete work…look up the Mehaffie brothers at M Concrete Studios. They are really great to work with (we know, because Craig had them do some countertops for his home theatre).

Find out more on their website:

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