From Biscuits to Brews – Sweet Action Ice Cream

We don’t think there’s anything greater than a delicious ice cream cone on a warm (or cold) day.

Sweet Action Ice Cream owners Sam and Chia agree with us. So when they realized their amazing Denver neighborhood, Baker, had everything BUT an ice cream shop, they took matters into their own hands.

These two are pushing the boundaries of what an ice cream shop should be by offering daily rotating flavors you’ve never imagined. The ingredients list ranges from biscuits, to beer from local craft breweries to vegan baked goods.

Sweet Action achieves amazingly unique ice cream flavors by working with the best farmers, bakers, and purveyors in the Denver area. Quadrid is honored to be added to that list of bests.

Production Notes: two-day shoot, one-person crew,  $5,500 budget.

Let us buy you a beer . . .