Our Niche: Emotional Marketing

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Quadrid specializes in emotional marketing through video production for artists, makers, food products and other local businesses passionate about their craft. This article unpacks the first part of this niche: Emotional Marketing.

Two Roads

Promotional videos usually fall into two categories:

  1. videos that communicate information
  2. videos that capture essence

While both categories serve a purpose (read more about promotional video genres here), we’ve chosen to focus on genres with essence because they aim to connect with people’s emotions.

Emotions are Important

Neuroscience has proven what marketers have known all along: as humans, we make decisions with our feelings and then back up those decisions with thoughts and reason.

Relying on past experiences, learned knowledge, and a variety of other factors, our brains are subconsciously computing data faster than we can think. It then spits out a result (decision) in the form of an emotional response – a feeling.

As marketers we care about this because if we can create a positive emotional connection, we can inform purchasing decisions on a deeper level.

Cart Before Horse

The other reason we focus on emotional marketing is because we’re good at it! We’ve been using documentary methods in our video production ever since we opened up shop in 1999. With this approach we listen for the story as we meet with clients, visit their business, and later in the process as we log footage. We know we’ve found the right angle when it’s both interesting for outsiders AND it captures the essence of the business (not just information).

Learn more about the other part of our niche, focusing on passionate local businesses and why we decided to niche in the first place.

Contact us to find out how our emotional marketing approach can help your small business.

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