About Quadrid Productions

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Quadrid Productions is a video production company in Denver, Colorado that works with artists, makers, food products, and other local businesses passionate about their craft to produce videos that capture the essence behind a business.

The Birth of a Video Production Company

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Quadrid was started in 1999 by Craig Spinks, Quadrid was originally located in Cincinnati, Ohio before relocating to Colorado in 2008.

In 2013, Quadrid relaunched with a new direction to better serve our ideal clients: passionate local businesses. Every business decision is now made with the best interests of this niche in mind.

Over the years we’ve worked with companies large and small. We prefer small businesses. We love their their underdog mentality and the passion that comes along with that. We come alongside that passion to help them accomplish their marketing goals in ways that are genuine and effective.

Contact us to find out how our video production services can help your small business.

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freelance videographer shooting footage at Sweet Action Ice Cream
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